Largest Cotton Exporting Company in Egypt
Leading Exporter Of Egyption Raw Cotton Since 2002

Why Egyptian cotton is the Best choice?!!! ” THE RIGHT CHOICE IN EGYPTIAN COTTON ” Egyptian cotton stands out as the world’s finest quality of cotton available, Cultivation of Egyptian cotton can be traced back to many years back and thus the world oldest fiber accessible, Egyptian cotton threads are what most of the people think of when they want to purchase luxury cotton product to date, durability and the top quality unique features make Egyptian cotton out stand natural fibers. That is why we are specialist in Egyptian cotton.

Largest Cotton Exporting Company in Egypt

Ragab Cotton Co. is a family business that strives to provide quality and trust to all of its customers around the world. We feel that we can provide personal service that is unmatched by other companies in the industry. The goal of Underwood Cotton Co. is not as much volume of cotton but quality of cotton and quality of service associated with each sale.
We believe that where there is quality there will be volume to follow. We feel that we are unique in this aspect and that this gives us the edge against competition


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We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company

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