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Steps for cotton protection against contamination and foreign matters


During the picking stage

  • Avoid cotton harvesting in plastic bags, to avoid contamination with propylene
  • Follow the improved system of harvesting, which implies many stages
  • Spread cotton in open air and sunshine before packing to ensure the volatile of dew
  • Use cotton thread in sewing sacks and avoid using plastic materials or propylene

During ginning stage

  • Put cotton bags in open air over wooden salvers to avoid direct stacking on the floor
  • Avoid the presence of foreign materials in the grinning stage by special handling while opening cotton bags
  • Use new steel tapes in belting bales
  • Cover cotton with oilcloth during transport from the gins until reaching the presses in Alexandria to be pressed in bales

During pressing stage in Alexandria

  • Use manual farfara before operating mechanical farfara and clean cotton from foreign matters
  • Use a magnet in picking nails or steel tape parts or other steel items
  • Workers should be dressed in cotton uniforms composed of a coat, head cover and using a cotton bag to gather foreign materials during farfara
  • Spread cotton on farfara bed to be able to detect foreign materials
  • Rap bales in new cloth

Stuffing at loading port

  • The stuffing process happens at the port of loading, and preparing cotton for exporting
  • Then, assurance on the quality of covers for bales, this stage is the final stage for the shipping process and done under supervision of specialists in this field
  • The overall processes end with shipping cotton and stuffing it in containers which in turn stuffing on board of the carrying vessel to be oriented to the port of the discharge
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